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Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support 1688 1 Set (4PCS)

Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support

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The anti-vibration function  of this pad will protect your washing machine from damages that may help reduce maintenance costs.
NOISE AND MOVEMENT REDUCTION: The anti-vibrations pads are designed to reduce noisy, vibrating, pulsating, and walking washing machines.
DURABLE RUBBER: Made of durable rubber, The washing machine pads are designed to withstand and endure many years of washing and drying.
EASY INSTALLATION: Simply slide the pads under each corner for maximum performance. Nothing to plug-in or glue-on. Just slip under your leveled machine.

Materials: Natural Rubber
Size: Base: 10cm diameter, Hole: 4cm diameter

1 Set / 2 Sets x Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support