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Fish Stool Suction Collector 1688

Fish Stool Suction Collector

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The Fish Stool Suction Collector is a three-in-one pump that acts as a filtration, oxygenation, and stool collector to keep your aquarium clean.

The system operates on the pneumatic principle, treating water in the tank and storing fish waste and impurities in the middle compartment before returning clean water to the tank.

The need for regular water changes and gravel washing will be reduced with Fish Stool Suction Collector. The fish waste is contained, which prevents water contamination and foul odors.

Simply place the unit inside the aquarium tank and connect it to an air pump. When the compartment is full of fish waste, empty and disinfect until it has been cleaned before returning it back to the aquarium tank.

At the bottom of the cylinder, there is a biological filter ball that helps in the growth of nitrifying bacteria, which is essential for the nitrogen cycle.

• Material: Acrylic
• Measurement: 16 x 9 x 9 cm
• Tube Calibre: 0.5 cm
• Package Inclusion: 1 pc. Fish Stool Suction Collector