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Super Iced Juice Drink Dispenser 1688

Super Iced Juice Drink Dispenser

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Perfect for keeping your beverages cold and convenient to bring on outdoor parties and activities!
Works like a water dispenser with its innovative faucet that is very useful! Since it's a beverage container, it also functions for group activities so everybody can enjoy a drink!

It also keeps your beverage hot or cold, making it last for more than half a day!
Its lid is also made to be easily opened and closed while also securing what's inside. It also prevents spilling so when you're bringing it outdoors via vehicle, don't worry about its content spilling everywhere!
It can hold up to 3.5L of water or any beverage, that's equal to a gallon of water!

Dimensions: 25cm x 11cm x 18cm
Material: Plastic
Package Inclusion: Iced Juice Drink Dispenser (x1)